DateTypeRegistration or serial.Location & details
30/09/1899Hawk gliderCrashed at Stanford Hall Lutterworth,pilot Percy Pilcher died 02/10/1899 from his injuries.
20/07/1912BleriotCrashed at Outwoods on the outskirts of Hinckley while giving a flying demonstration.
27/01/1917Army BiplaneLanded in trees.
10/04/1917Sopwith one & Half StrutterA1113Ullesthorpe. Two killed.
27/06/1918Avro 504C4443Crashed on to a house in Queens Road, Leicester. Pilot injured.
04/03/1924Avro 549B Aldershot IIIJ6950Force landed at Houghton on the Hill while on delivery flight to RAF from makers. Flew out after attention from works mechanics.
09/09/1926Avro 504KG-EBHMO/by Surrey Flying Services. A/C repaired. Ex E3794.
02/09/1928De Havilland DH9J8107From 605 Aux. Air Force Sqn. crashed at Great Glen while pilot was flying over lady friends house. Pilot killed A/C W/O.
11/01/1929Bristol Fighter F2BC763Crashed at Hinckley pilot injured. A/C W/O.
24/05/1930Vickers VirginasMade precautionary landings I a field off Coleman Road, Leicester. Took off again next day. On 10/08/31 another formation of three of these aircraft made similar forced landings.
28/05/1930DH. MothMade forced landing near Melton Road tram terminus
10/06/1930DH MothForce landed at Kings Norton.
19/06/1930Simmonds SpartanG-AAMGEngine fell out of aircraft. Pilot injured A/C W/O
26/06/1930DH60M MothG-AAUHCrashed at Desford Aerodrome. Pilot Bliss believed uninjured, A/C repaired.
17/08/1930Primary GliderBurton Bandalls, near Loughborough.
05/09/1930Avro 616 Avian Sports.G-AAWIOverturned on landing to locate position while lost near Hinckley.
06/09/1930Simmonds SpartanG-AAGNCrashed on T/O from Ratcliffe. Pilots wife injured.
08/09/1930De Havilland DH60G Gipsy Moth 1G-AAEHForce landed in a field between Whetstone & Cosby with engine problem. Pilot Mr A.Marshal, later Sir Arthur Marshal went to local iron mongers and bought a bolt & carried out his own repair.
29/10/1930De Havilland DH80A Puss MothG-AAXMMade forced landing at Thurcston & crashed on T/O.
13/07/1931Avro 621 TutorK1788U/C torn off on T/O after practise forced landing 2m W of Ashwell...
10/08/1931Vickers VirginiasThree of these aircraft made forced landing in and around Leicester some were damaged.
22/04/1932Hawker Hart 1K2438Crashed between Melton Mowbray and Waltham while on a formation cross country flight.
11/08/1932DH80A Puss MothG-ABLCCrashed a few yards from the River Trent at Shardlow.A/C badly damaged but repaired.
09/07/1935Klemm MonoplaneCrashed in a field near Tamworth.
23/08/1935DH84 DragonG-ACCZPilot made forced landing in a field at Stoughton due to bad weather.
05/03/1936DH82A Tiger MothG-ADPDCrashed at Desford,A/C W/O.
05/03/1936DH82A Tiger MothG-ADPACrashed at Desford, A/C repaired.
25/05/1936DH60 M MothG-AAHYCrashed near Desford no injuries.
07/02/1936UnknownRAF Aircraft crashed at Eaton in Vale of Belvoir.
05/03/1936DH82A Tiger MothG-ADPAPilot Veasey slightly injured A/C repaired.
05/03/1936DH 82A Tiger MothG-ADPDCrashed at Desford A/C W/O
02/05/1936Miles M2 HawkG-ADDMCrashed on T/O from Sandy Lane, Melton Mowbray. A/C W/O
04/06/1936Mignet HM Pou du CielG-AEIOA/C on its maiden flight stalled & crashed into a tree...
20/01/1937Hawker Audax 1K7338 (?)Forced landed in waterlogged field alongside another aircraft
23/02/1937Hawker Audax 1K5217Crashed at Hathern near Loughborough.
15/03/1937DH Tiger Moth 1K4278Crashed at Melton Mowbray.
15/03/1937Blackburn Shark 1K4353Crashed in a field at Pepper Pot Hill, Saxelbye, near Melton Mowbray, pilot killed.
29/03/1937DH82A Tiger MothG-AECG
18/06/1937DH Tiger MothG-ADXWCrashed at Lindridge Farm, near Desford, pilot R.R.Alexander baled out when he lost control of the aircraft.
15/07/1937Hawker HindK6630Crashed in forced landing at Kirby Bellars.
20/07/1937Hawker Hart TrainerK4762Overturned in forced landing in a field on the Saxby Road about opposite the Swans Nest Swimming Club at Melton Mowbray.
16/08/1937Avro 643 Cadet IIG-ADTYHad ground accident at Desford.
23/09/1937Hawker Audax 1K5217Crashed at Hathern near Loughborough. A/C W/O
02/10/1937BA Eagle IIG-AQEERCrashed at Breedon on the Hill.D.C.Howell of Southend Flying Club killed. A/C W/O.
03/12/1937Bristol Blenheim 1K7110Crashed near Hinckley,3 crew minor injuries A/C W/O.
?/12/37DH82A Tiger MothG-AECGA/C W/O
02/01/1938Percival Vega Gull.G-AELEEngine failed & while trying to make a downwind landing pilot hit hedge at Ratcliffe aerodrome.
07/01/1938DH 82A Tiger MothG-ADPGCrashed & overturned at Desford Aerodrome.
09/02/1938Miles Magister 1L6902Stalled & crashed in forced landing in bad weather, A/C W/O.
15/04/1938DH82A Tiger MothL6948Stalled & hit tree on landing at Desford.
28/04/1938DH82A Tiger MothG-ADPACrashed at Desford but repaired
10/06/1938Armstrong Whitworth Whitley IIK7254Engine caught fire while on Navex force landed at Braunstone.
22/06/1938Avro TutorK3199Stalled & crashed in forced landing at Castle Donnington while lost A/C W/O/
07/08/1938Hawker Demon 1K8185Abandoned out of fuel while lost in fog near Leicester.
28/11/1938Blackburn Shark IIK5635One of a flight of five that force landed near Loughborough in bad weather while on a ferry flight. This aircraft hit a hedge.
28/11/1938Blackburn Shark IIK8468Force landed & hit ditch near Hathern
28/11/1938Blackburn Shark IIK8486Hit hedge.
28/11/1938Blackburn Shark IIK8490Hit hedge.
28/11/1938Blackburn Shark IIK8519Force landed
02/01/1939Gloster Gauntlet IIK7890Overshot forced landing at Great Dalby in bad weather A/ C W/O.
13/01/1939Hawker Hart Special.K4428Hit tree on night approach at Desford. A/C repaired.
15/01/1939BAC DroneG-ADMUAircraft was built for Mr A.E.H.Coltman of Leicester crashed at Braunstone A/C W/O.
-/02/39Taylor J2 CubG-AEIKCrashed at Rearsby(?)
13/02/1939R.A.F. TrainerSandy Lane Melton Mowbray.
11/03/1939Taylorcraft Model A.G-AFKNRearsby A/C W/O.
23/06/1939Hawker Hind Trainer.L7241From 7EFTS Desford. Stalled and dived into the ground near Desford.
13/07/1939Hawker TomtitG-AFKBCrashed in field off the Hinckley Road near The Red Cow. CAG pilot Mr R.Kerfoot killed.
16/07/1939DH82A Tiger Moth.VR pilot Sgt.G.W.Chambers force landed as part of the propeller broke off.
08/08/1939Avro 643 CadetG-ADTOCrashed on Lancaster Road, Leicester close to fire station. Pilot injured & taken to LRI. A/C W/O.
08/08/1939Piper J4A Cub Coupe.G-AFTECrashed at Rearsby ? W/O.
22/09/1939Handley Page Hereford IL6005Crashed at Stonesby, Nr Melton Mowbray.
17/11/1939Hawker Audax IK7550Hit hedge in forced landing at Coalville Grammar School and turned over, A/C W/O.